Camp Colman Stories

"My son came home full of stories about his adventures: the giant swing, drumming, climbing, games. He really appreciated the evening values circle, and enjoyed the campfires. He spoke highly of his counselors, and he looked up to them. My husband and I appreciated the opportunity for our son to spread his wings, try new things, and meet other kids both like and unlike him. Thank you, Camp Colman!" 

"It was empowering for my son. He felt cared for, the rift of "popular" vs. "unpopular" is not tolerated by the entire culture at Camp Orkila- this is what I most love about this camp. Plus it is beautiful and the kids have a blast." 

"Camp is a critical part of any child's development.  Skills, strengths, self-confidence, leadership all get started and reinforced at camp."  -Mat, camper dad 

Locations: Camp Colman